About Marc Fielmann

This website is a showcase for my private passion: photography. For all visitors interested in conceptual, landscape, people and underwater photography, have a look through the galleries.

Below some information about myself:



I discovered photography at the age of 9 when my father gave me my first camera – an analog Nikon. Born into the digital age, I moved to digital photography early on. However, especially in school I experimented with developing analog films and even today I experience the pleasure and hassle of analog photography from time to time.

In my free time, I travel and attempt to capture memorable moments with my cameras, a Nikon D700 and a LEICA M6.

To me it is fascinating to see how technology enables you to modify and enhance pictures. Yet it is upsetting to me to observe how often pictures are manipulated these days without giving notice to the observer. Personally, I feel obliged to not to process my pictures beyond what is possible in a darkroom. In the few cases where I did alter the pictures, I noted it.


About Marc Fielmann

Currently I am working in various functions for our family business. Fielmann AG is a stock-listed but family-owned corporation focusing on eyewear retail (glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses). With more than 600 stores and over 15,000 employees Fielmann is the largest optical retail business in Central Europe. Find out more about the company on www.fielmann.com.


EDUCATION (1989-2011)

Born and raised as son of Heike Fielmann and Günther Fielmann I grew up in Northern Germany. My sister Sophie was born in 1994.

I attended Stormarnschule Ahrensburg before continuing my primary education at Schule Schloss Salem, a boarding school in Southern Germany, in 2005. Two years later I received my International Baccalaureate.

In the following year I worked at an academic institute and interned at several companies in Germany and the UK. In 2008 I began my studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

During my time at the LSE I served as Secretary General and President of the LSE German Society. Together with Raphael, Niklas, Caspar and the executive committee we organised events and discussion series such as the German Symposium. Former speakers at the German Symposium include Angela Merkel, Gehard Schröder and August Oetker. More information can be found at www.german-society.co.uk

During the summers I worked at a financial institution in Germany and at a Internet/Tech consultancy in New York. On weekends and during the shorter holidays I received technical and general training in the optical industry and worked on several projects for Fielmann AG.



After graduating I worked for the two world market leaders in fashion eyewear: Luxottica and Safilo. My work in design, strategy and retail operations led me to Italy and the United States. I also trained at factories in Italy, the United States and China and visited numerous optical retail stores around the world.

During my time as an optical trainee I also lead a pilot project for OneSight in The Gambia. OneSight is a global charity that aims to provide and restore clear vision to the millions of people in need. The project was conducted in collaboration with government ministers, local charities and Gambian students. We were able to create a self-sustaining micro-economy that is projected to provide all citizens of The Gambia with affordable eyewear as a means to clear vision within the next few years. Click here to see a video about the project.

In 2012 I returned to Germany and started working in our family business. After finishing my optical education I spent about one and a half years working in over fifty optical stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. During my time on the shop floor I served several thousand customers and assembled hundreds of of glasses.



In the future I will continue to work in our stores across Europe. The daily, personal interaction with our customers and our employees in the stores have not only taught me a lot about our products, our service and retail in general but also humbled me and made me grateful to be a part of a family business that truly puts the customer first.

At our headquarters in Hamburg I contribute to strategic projects by translating our customer-centric shop floor philosophy into corporate processes, structures and technologies.

One of the projects I am involved in is the development of Fielmann Ventures GmbH, a wholly owned but independently operating subsidiary of Fielmann AG. More information on Fielmann Ventures can be found on www.fielmann-ventures.com


Familie Fielmann: Günther Fielmann (l.), Sophie Fielmann (m.), Marc Fielmann (r.)
Günther Fielmann, Sophie Fielmann und Marc Fielmann (Foto: A. Laible)


Marc Fielmann und Günther Fielmann
Marc Fielmann und Guenther Fielmann (Foto: A. Laible)