About Marc Fielmann

This website is a showcase for my private passion: photography. For all visitors interested in conceptual, landscape, people and underwater photography, have a look through the galleries.

Below some information about myself:


I discovered photography at the age of 9 when my father gave me my first camera – an analog Nikon. Born into the digital age, I moved to digital photography early on. However, especially in school I experimented with developing analog films and even today I experience the pleasure and hassle of analog photography from time to time.

In my free time, I travel and attempt to capture memorable moments with my cameras, a Nikon D700 and a LEICA M6.

To me it is fascinating to see how technology enables you to modify and enhance pictures. Yet it is upsetting to me to observe how often pictures are manipulated these days without giving notice to the observer. Personally, I feel obliged to not to process my pictures beyond what is possible in a darkroom. In the few cases where I did alter the pictures, I noted it.

About Marc Fielmann

Jointly with Günther Fielmann I am leading Fielmann in a Co-CEO structure. Fielmann AG is a stock-listed family business focusing on eyewear retail. For more information on Fielmann see www.fielmann.com.

Personal Details

Marc Fielmann
Co-CEO, Fielmann AG
Born: 24 July 1989 in Hamburg, Germany
Parents: Prof. Dr. h.c. Günther und Dr. Heike Fielmann
Siblings: Sophie Fielmann


Gymnasium Stormarnschule, Ahrensburg
Schule Schloss Salem, Überlingen

Academic Education

2008-2011: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Professional Education

2007-2011: Internships at various companies inside and outside Germany, optical apprenticeship at Fielmann AG
2011-2012: Trainee programs in the optical industry at Luxottica (Italy, USA) and Safilo (Italy)
2012-2015: Worked 1,5 years in the stores; retail, marketing, digital, contact lens division and expansion to Italy.

Executive Board

2016-2018: Executive Director Marketing, Fielmann AG
since 12 April 2018: Co-CEO, Fielmann AG

Familie Fielmann: Günther Fielmann (l.), Sophie Fielmann (m.), Marc Fielmann (r.)
Günther Fielmann, Sophie Fielmann und Marc Fielmann (Foto: A. Laible)

Günther Fielmann Marc Fielmann

Marc Fielmann und Guenther Fielmann (Foto: A. Laible)